Tiger Blood

Tiger Blood

So, I am a little embarassed to say it, but I can’t stop following Charlie Sheen. This man is bat-sh!t crazy. The things coming out of his mouth are stunningly bizarre and totally hilarious. Today, Sirius/XM announced that they are forming a new channel, the Tiger Blood channel. Yep, that’s right, 24/7 of Chuck news, interviews, and completely worthless but oh-so-entertaining babble.

The channel goes live tomorrow, March 5th at 6:00 AM ET. Unfortunately the Sirius/XM web site says the channel will only be on for 36 hours, until 6 PM ET March 6th. Sirius/XM – please hear my call. I want this channel to keep going for as long as it remains interesting.

One final note, be sure to check out Charlie Sheen v Muammar Gaddafi: whose line is it anyway?

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