iPad Experiment Day 1

iPad Experiment Day 1

Well I am finished with my first day of the iPad experiment. Just a few comments:

1. Time zone issue was solved. Turns out you need to turn Time Zone Support OFF to have the calendar respond to time zone changes. OK, seems awfully counter-intuitive. Also, even when time zone support was on, I had the base time zone set to Cupertino, which is in the very same time zone as Seattle, so it should have worked. I’d say Apple has missed the mark on this one.

2. I installed a few different office/productivity apps. I’ll comment on them over the coming days. And, thanks and a shout out to Sean Daniel for sending me a list of apps.

3. WordPress photo insert issue is not solved. Seems like a bug in the WordPress app. Disappointing, and I can’t use Safari on the iPad to edit blog posts so it looks like adding photos is going to be a task I need to hit the PC for.

4. Got an email today asking if I could move a meeting to a different time. Not that its the end of the world, but the iPad uses different apps for email and calendar, so it seemed more tedious than it should have been to switch apps to check my calendar, then switch back to reply. Guess I am used to Outlook where everything is integrated.

On to tomorrow!

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